Do Penis Enlargers Work?

The size of your penis is a sensitive issue for most men; where many feel that their length or girth is inadequate, many also have a problem with it being too big. Although some guys brag about a 12 inch penis, in reality this would cause issues with sexual intercourse; most women could not take that size, so the man would be forced to go without.

The average penis size is between five and seven inches when erect, measured from the head to the base. Penis size can not be judged when it is not erect, because some men grow more than others. The term ‘shower’ is used for someone who looks large when flaccid but doesn’t grow much when having an erection, and a ‘grower’ is a man who looks smaller when flaccid but then grows more when he has an erection.

Many men wish that their penis was bigger, but so far there has been so scientific evidence that it is possible to increase the size. Beware of the dangers before you try any enlargement techniques:


It has been claimed that you can enlarge your penis through exercise, training and conditioning. However, there are no muscles in the penis so this is in fact a myth. An old technique is also to hang weights from the penis; this might stretch the flaccid penis over a long length of time, but it would make no difference to the size of your erection or to your girth. It may also result in stretch marks and a decrease of sensation in the penis.


A popular product claiming to be able to increase the size of your penis is vacuum pumps. They are said to work by using suction to force blood into the penile shaft, however it can result in damaged blood vessels, impotence and loss of feeling in the penis. It may swell temporarily, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is successful enlargement.


It is possible for the suspensory ligament to be cut which makes the penis look slightly longer, but most doctors will refuse to carry out this procedure becuase it is too dangerous. And by no means try to do it by yourself, it could cause serious damage. Miracle pills and medication are sometimes sold promising to enlarge your penis, but these are not regulated or proven, and are mostly placebos.

As technology stands at the moment, it would seem that you’ll have to make do with what you were born with. If it causes you real insecurities, brush up on your oral and manual skills to give you extra confidence in the bedroom. Just remember that you’re probably much more concerned about it than your partner – she probably loves it and doesn’t understand what you’re worrying about! If you ask a London escort , she will tell you that size doesn’t matter; it’s what you do with it that counts.