Drop the Junk!

Britain is becoming a nation of expanding waistlines. As well as being less easy on the eye, obesity is also causing health risks to thousands of people; the NHS is inundated with patients who have health problems related to being overweight, and the amount of fast food available at our fingertips is doing little to ease the situation. Our Surrey Quays escorts work very hard to keep their desirable figures, but for many other people the fight against the bulge is becoming a losing battle.

People tend to think of weight loss as a huge commitment and a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just a few small changes to your lifestyle could make the world of difference, and put you on track to a happier, healthier you!

Junk food is everywhere you look. The adverts on our televisions urge us to indulge in rich chocolate and ice cream, corner shops tempt us with crisps and cakes and vending machines call out to us with the promise of sugary treats. It seems so much easier than going to the effort of preparing a healthy snack; fresh food is simply harder to come by. There are, however, some snacks that will satisfy your cravings without ruining your physique.

When you’re watching a film, all you want to do is tuck into a big bowl of hot, buttery popcorn. But did you know that it’s easy to make your own organically by popping corn on the stove? You’ll be cutting out the calories without losing the treat.

Nature provides plenty of sweet things, and we don’t mean Fruit Pastilles. If you have a sugar craving, try some dried fruit; it’s sweet tasting and naturally good for you. Instead of heaping sugar in your cup of tea, try green tea with honey; once you’ve acquired a taste for it you’ll never need sugary, milky tea builder’s tea again!

A lot of people have too many carbohydrates and too much starch in their diet, which is harder for your body to burn off. This is gained mostly from bread and pasta; you might think potatoes must be good as they’re a vegetable but gorging on deep fried chips does not count as one of your 5 a day! Try roasting large cut chips of sweet potato brushed with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. It’s absolutely delicious, and much better for you than your average chip!

As you can see, just a few small changes can make the world of difference!