Getting over Her

I could hardly believe it when my girlfriend of 4 years broke it off with me. I was still very much in love with her, so it was difficult for me to accept the fact that she was just walking out on me after what we had built together. I was feeling really depressed for a long while, and had to take a week off work as well. I was still emotionally attached to her, so she agreed to stay friends and we’d occasionally meet up for dinners or drinks. One night she had to come by our flat to collect some of her things. I cooked us dinner and we sat on the balcony, just chatting and laughing. It reminded me how much fun we used to have together, and before I knew it, we’d finished a bottle of wine and jumped into bed together. It was a huge mistake because I just got even more attached to her, knowing that she had no intention of getting back with me at all.

After that, my friends suggested calling a london escort service . I went onto the website and browsed through tonnes of beautiful women. I was so surprised at the quality of the escorts – all of them were drop dead gorgeous with sexy curves and very pretty faces. I picked one who looked completely different to my ex so I could try something different, which really helped me get over her. I was still a bit fragile, and was sceptical whether or not I was ready to be with another woman. But as soon as my escort arrived my worries were swept away. She was tender, caring and very understanding. We talked for ages and she laughed at all my jokes. It just felt so natural and comforting to be with someone so nice, without worrying or tiptoeing around my emotions. Plus, the experience was amazing. I ended up booking her for the whole night. I tried meeting quite a few different London escorts afterwards, and every single girl was skillful, professional and very attractive. I very soon got over my ex, I could see that there were a lot more beautiful girls out there. It’s so much more fun and exciting being with someone new!