Set Your Heart Racing

Set Your Heart Racing

Raising your heart rate each day has many health benefits. Aerobic fitness has been proven to increase your life span, making you live longer. The ideal is based on your age and your gender, but experts have recommended 30 minutes of exercise, 5 times a week. Exercise also releases endorphins (otherwise known as the ‘happy hormones’) so it can help combat stress and depression too.

Our hearts are working all the time. As soon as we wake up in the morning, stretching to get out of bed, our heart provides oxygen to our muscles. Every move we make requires the use of our hearts, and as you well know, we can’t live without it.

Exercise is not the only thing that gets our heart racing. It also speeds up when we’re scared; the next time you’re watching a horror film and something makes you jumps, feel the increase in pace. You might also feel it if you’re walking down a dark alley by yourself, then hear footsteps behind you. Your body has automatic physical reactions; as well as your heart rate increasing, you will also find that your pupils increase, you start to breathe faster and you may feel warmer or start to sweat.

What’s interesting about our bodies is that all of these physical symptoms we associate with fear are exactly the same when we experience sexual arousal. Imagine that you catch a glimpse of your hot next door neighbour through the window, and she’s undressing for a shower. Again you’re rooted to the spot; your heart race increases, pupils dilate, breathing fast and heating up. All the same feelings as you get when you’re scared!

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