Girl Grumps Vs Man Moods

Everyone gets in bad mood sometimes. Girls have plenty of excuses they can use to get them off the hook; hormones, PMT. We’ve learned that at times like this it’s best to steer clear of them and not try to argue your point, even if you know you’re right. It will only make things worse! Although they hate to hear it, women know that they can be irrational around this time of the month. If you give them their space, everything will probably be fine afterwards. However, girls still have a few things that they could learn about men’s moods.

Most of the time, if we’re in a bad mood it means that we want to be left alone. We rarely want to talk about it, analyse our feelings or bitch about Joe in the office. Although many of the reasons that people get in a bad mood are the same for both genders, we can deal with them very differently. Here are a few things that irritate men and leave us feeling moody.

At work, people can really wind you up. Your boss makes unreasonable requests, your cocky colleague tries his hardest to get on your nerves and clients take out their frustration on you when it wasn’t your fault. The problem here is that you can’t say anything back to them – you just have to sit back and take it so that you remain professional. The anger that builds up can come out in the wring way if you’re pressured, so try to avoid a nagging partner when you get home. She will probably badger you to tell her what’s wrong; just remember that she’s only doing this because she cares, not to annoy you.

It can really rile you up when you’re feeling randy and your Mrs isn’t in the mood. Ladies have so many excuses; they have a headache, they’re tired, they’re too full. Nobody likes rejection, and girls can get just as upset if they find that we’re not in the mood when they are. Try not to take this to heart; it doesn’t mean that they don’t want you, their excuses could be genuine! Remind yourself that there are times you don’t feel like it too.

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