How to Get a Six Pack

Now we all know that any man can go to the supermarket and buy a six pack of beer. The kind of six pack we’re talking about is a little more challenging to obtain, but well worth it! Just watch how the Limehouse Escorts swoon at your new physique!

It’s very common for a gentleman to carry a little extra weight around the middle. It can be from over eating, lack of exercise or too much alcohol, giving you the classic ‘beer belly’. Working out to give yourself a washboard stomach and killer abs isn’t just good for your appearance. It will also help you to avoid back pain, aid general weight lifting and improve your sports performance.

The key to achieving great abs is variety. It will not be beneficial to you to repeat the same exercises every day, such as stomach crunches or sit ups. Your body will quickly adapt to the routine and it will become less effective. After you exercise a particular group of muscles, they need rest the following day to build, so it is best to alternate the muscle groups you are concentrating on.

To keep your figure well balanced, you need to work out your whole body. This will look good for your overall appearance, and increasing your muscle tone throughout your body will also improve you abs.

You should make it your goal to train 3 or 4 days per week, or whenever you can fit in a regular session. Ensure that you warm up properly with stretches and gentle exercise before you do anything vigorous to prevent causing yourself harm.

To work out your legs, vary between squats and lunges. For arms and shoulders, bench press and shoulder press. Crunches will concentrate on your abs specifically (but don’t forget to leave a day’s rest!) and doing the plank will work your whole body and core. This involves balancing on your toes and forearms, not raising your behind too far in the air. Try to hold it for 60 seconds to work your whole body.

As you get used to the exercises, start to increase the intensity and repetitions. Start off with two sets of twelve, and when this starts to feel comfortable and easier you can choose heavier weights and more repetitions to build up your strength.

Your diet plays a big role too; if you are eating junk, you will always have a layer of fat over your belly. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and add some cardiovascular exercise into your routine to combat this.