How to Make the Most of Your Looks

Unless your a modern metrosexual man, you probably don’t spend much time or effort on your looks. Perhaps a bit of hair gel and a quick shave, then you’re out the door in whatever clothes were nearest. However, there are certain bad habits that can in fact ruin your looks, even if you’ve been blessed genetically and look great at the moment. Read on to find out what could send your looks downhill…

Dehydration can ravage your appearance – just look at your face when you have a hangover. You might think that you’re getting enough liquid by drinking tea and coffee throughout the day, but these are actually diuretics. To stay fresh faced, make sure you compensate by drinking plenty of water (at least 8 glasses per day). Our Baker Street escorts enjoy an alcoholic tipple just as much as the next person, but they keep it in check to stay looking gorgeous. Over time, high alcohol consumption will lead to an unsightly beer gut and red, blotchy skin. If you don’t believe us, just go and take a look at the local drunk…!

Instead of investing in products especially formulated for your skin, men often use whatever they can find to wash. Bar soap and hand cream on your face could actually have adverse affects; the reason products are designed specifically for your face is because the skin is more delicate and if you upset the pH balance you could damage it. Find cleanser and moisturiser that matches your skin type – normal, dry, oily or combination.

If you’ve ever seen a middle aged women who’s had a lifetime of sun worshipping, you’ll know that it can seriously take its toll on your skin. Apart from the obvious skin cancer risks, too much time in the sun, unprotected, can give you unsightly blemishes and heavy wrinkles. You could knock 10 years off the age you look by simply wearing sun screen and staying in the shade!

The worst thing you can possibly do if you want to keep your good looks is to smoke. We’re all told about the health risks of smoking, and generally things that are bad for your health go hand in hand with things that are bad for your looks. Your doctor can say as much as they want about the tar on your lungs and the risk of cancer, but what about the premature wrinkles, the yellow nails and stained teeth? Some of the ugliest things you could inflict on yourself! The rules are quite simple; live clean and look great.