Keep on Track

When the weather is cold and frosty outside, the last thing you want to do is get up early in the morning for work. The comfort of your bed, snuggled under the duvet with the heating off is such a warm and cosy place. If you had it your way you’d spend your whole morning going in and out of sleep, dozing till about 11am, when you’d finally rise and get out of bed. Throwing on your dressing gown or hooded jumper you’d head for the kitchen and flick the kettle on so the red light notifies you that it is starting to boil. A heady cup of coffee is your preferred start to the day. A breakfast of poached eggs on toast is your winter morning starter, that or a bowl of porridge sweetened with honey.

What you should be doing this morning and every morning for that matter is wake up at 5.40am, eat a banana and a glass of water before kitting yourself out in your running gear. A run around the common is not looking likely and Clapham Common escorts don’t blame you. The thought alone of stepping foot outside in your running leggings and top leaves you feeling less than motivated. London escorts and fitness fans will feel your pain. You can have all the want and determination to continue with your exercise regime, but the weather is a deterrent. By mid-morning the weather slightly warms and makes it more bearable, but those working a long day have little or no time to fit this in. Your best bet is to muster on and fight the chill, or don’t. But giving up your regime is nonsense. The idea of your new regime that started at the beginning of January was to keep fit and get healthy. Giving up is not an option, especially when you promised yourself to keep on the right track.

Don’t fret. The exercise regime doesn’t have to go out of the window. Even with this cold snap we are having. As much as you secretly wish you could stay in bed a bit longer, there is a way to keep you fit and nubile, but from the comfort of your own home. Which means you are able to spend a bit more time in bed, before jumping out and turning your hand to a few of these exercises. You’ll still need bags of enthusiasm, determination and energy for these, so don’t feel like you can relax too much. Buy yourself a fitness DVD and clear a space in your living room, London escorts love them. Pick a high energy workout that matches your normal pace of running so you can get a similar workout. Don’t feel like you are taking an easy option, you don’t need to go to the gym to feel the effects of a strenuous workout. Invest in a Wii if you haven’t already got one. Not only can you play games in the evenings and weekends to relax and unwind with but you can also use it to exercise. Wii Active is a great participatory way to keep fit in the home. Choose from track running, tennis, athletics and many many more. The investment will be worth it when you see how keen you will be to get up in the morning and have a play on the Wii. We do mean exercise of course.