Learn to Love Your Baldness

Baldness can be very distressing for men. If you have prided yourself on a full head of hair in the past, it can be quite difficult to come to terms with the fact that you’re thinning on top or that your hair line is receding. It is a part of life that affects most men, so the best way to deal with baldness is by learning to love it.

Ok, so this look might be very different to what you have been used to in your younger years, but make sure that you lose your hair gracefully; a comb over is NEVER going to look good, and trust us – you’re not fooling anybody. Women particularly despise this look, and find it even more ageing than if you just accept nature’s process. It’s just about as bad as wearing a toupee – something else that we wouldn’t recommend. When we asked our `Russian escorts <https://vlondonescorts.co.uk/russian-escorts/>`_what they thought of men who were losing their hair, they said that they found bald men very sexy.

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Just look at some of the icons to come out of Hollywood: Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham. In the sports world, Michael Jordan and Andre Agassi have captured the hearts of many Russian escorts! These men are living proof that women find bald men sexy. It can make a man look more rugged, more masculine and more tough. Embrace this look, and find a way to make it work for you.

Shaving your head does not mean that you have to get your ear pierced, start bulking up and get some tattoos. It’s a style that has commonly been worn by men for centuries, because it happens to so many men! You often see young men with a full head of hear who choose to shave it, simply because this style is so popular.

Make sure that you maintain your new look well; have it cut regularly, and remember to wear sunscreen on the newly exposed skin! A sun burnt head is not a good look. Your friends might give you some ribbing at first, but take it on the chin. It will soon be their turn!

Prepare yourself for people to make comments when you first make the chop. If you’ve never had short hair before, it’s going to be a very noticeable difference from the look everyone is used to. But you may be pleasantly surprised as the compliments start flooding in! Wear your new style with confidence, and watch how easily you can pull it off. Soon, you’ll be the one with escorts from Russia swooning at your feet!