Look Out for Number One

It’s always considered a good thing in life to look out for people, putting others before yourself. From a young age we’re taught to share our toys, be generous and to help others – all of these are great values to make you a good, rounded person. However, you will come across individuals who may take advantage of your good nature and exploit your generosity. This isn’t just with money; they could be a drain on your time or your emotions, relying on you too heavily to sort out their problems.

Most of us will encounter someone like this at some point in our lives (assuming you’re the giver, not the taker). Although you might feel obliged to continue being helpful when someone’s depending on you, you need to look out for number one. If you allow yourself to suffer from other people’s stress, you won’t be of use to anyone! The most important thing you can do in life is keep yourself in good health – physically, mentally and emotionally. If you give too much of yourself away in a bid to be a good person, you could end up suffering and not having any resources left to cope with your own problems.

If someone is a drain on your cash (excluding teenage children – that goes without saying), think about whether or not they are just using you. You’ve probably heard of ‘gold diggers’ – women who are only after your money. If your girlfriend is much younger and prettier than you, rarely speaks to you and takes your credit card on shopping sprees, she probably doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Make a brave decision and look after your own finances; don’t be blinded by her looks.

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