Maximise Your Climax

Any orgasm is a good orgasm. It might not always be in the best circumstances (for example if you have ejaculated prematurely with a new girlfriend), but there’s no denying that the sensations and the physical feeling are always very pleasurable. However, the intensity can vary, as well as the length. If you want bigger, stronger orgasms, here’s the way to achieve them.

Many men are so eager in the bedroom that they can rush things, so the key is to slow down. Even if all you want to do is pump into as fast as your pelvis will allow, resist the urge and keep it slow and steady. Your partner will appreciate this too; this will also give her more time to build up to a rip roaring orgasm.

Every time you feel yourself starting to get close, stop and do something different; try a different angle or position, switch between manual and oral stimulation and intercourse. The more times you feel yourself getting close and pull back, the greater the final result will be. It can be very difficult to hold back when you’re right on the brink, especially if your girl comes before you – that’s bound to set you off! Only you know your own body and your own limits, so practise until you’ve mastered the point of no return. It’s one of the most fun things you can practise!

If you want to surprise your Mrs, you could practise this alone through masturbation. You’ll need some spare time, as there’s no way of knowing how long you can keep this up. It could be minutes, or it could be hours! Use exactly the same techniques, just minus the fancy positions; keep going until you get close, then stop, take a deep breath, let the excitement fade away a bit and then start again.

You might be concerned about what to do while you’re calming down – it might look a bit strange to your partner if you close your eyes and count to ten! Instead, distract her with something that doesn’t involve any stimulation to your penis; this might be kissing down her neck, going down on her or fingering her. She’ll still be getting satisfied while you gear yourself up for the next round.

When we asked our Epping Forest escorts what they thought of this idea, and they thought it sounded fantastic. They love long, slow sessions and women usually take longer to climax than men so this build up works very well for them. We bet you can’t wait to try it out!