The Meanings Behind Your Sexy Dreams

You might have had a rude dream about someone you’re not the least bit attracted to. Perhaps your ex popped into your head unexpectedly, or even a member of the same sex. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a closet gay or still hung up on your ex; there are often hidden meanings to our dreams that we don’t understand. Doctors, scientists and researches have explored the possible meanings to our dreams for years, and here are some of the conclusions they have drawn.

Dreaming is a way of emotionally recharging you, just like good sleep recharges you physically. You’ve probably heard of REM (like the American band) – it stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This is the stage of your sleep cycle when you dream; it lasts for about 15 minutes. During this period, the ‘limbic system’ in our brains goes into free fall. This part of the brain is responsible for our most intense emotions, and in this stage of sleep it has a proper clean out.

Sometimes the result of this is normal dreams that don’t surprise you in the slightest, like picturing Little Venice Escorts in the shower. But other times, it’s disturbing scenes that you don’t understand like sex with your overweight boss! This could be your brain’s way of making you question your own thoughts and analyse yourself. It might be a representation of something else, not a direct image of what you need to think about.

Try to think about the details in your dream to see if any of that makes sense. There are some clues to how realistic your dream was; if it was in a setting that you’re familiar with or if there are things or people you recognise, it’s more likely that your dream is straightforward and easy to interpret. If everything is alien to you, it could be more abstract and difficult to decipher.

Think about the emotions that you felt during the dream to give you an idea of what it meant. Were you anxious, sexually charged, excited or frightened? Your emotions could be an indicator of what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Also, think about whether you were active or passive in the dream; if you were involved in a sexual act yourself, it’s probably your brain’s way of making you recognise something in yourself. If you were an onlooker, it might symbolise that you’re feeling like an outsider or lacing confidence in a sexual relationship.

Don’t always look at the meaning in black and white – consider the symbolism behind it and you might be able to figure out what your brain is trying to tell you!