Premajure ejaculation

Premajure ejaculation is something that affects a large amount of men worldwide. Approximately 10% of British men admit to suffering with the problem, however the true statistic is probably much higher. In the US, 25 – 40% of men are reported to ejaculate prematurely.

Men have different opinions of what is considered as coming too soon, and there is no exact rule that specifies what counts. Generally, men who cannot last more than 90 seconds inside the vagina are classed as having premature ejaculation, and men who last less than 5 minutes have a mild case. Some men who last for around 5 minutes are fully satisfied with their performance and would not claim to have a problem, whereas others want to be able to last longer. It is down to personal preference, and how your sexual partner feels about the length of time.

Premature ejaculation is usually more common in young men who have not yet mastered their self control, however it also occurs in older men. Men reported as suffering with the condition last an average of 1.8 minutes of intercourse, whereas other men last 7.3 minutes. To aspire to last for hours is unrealistic, and this may result in the opposite condition of delayed ejaculation.

If the problem is affecting you or your sex life, there are certain methods you can try to last longer in bed. The most simple and straight forward method for mild sufferers is distraction. During sex, try to think about something that you do not find sexual. It will prevent you from becoming too caught up in the moment and cause you to continue having sex for a longer period. Try not to picture London escort – that would probably speed things up!

Another method is to train yourself into lasting longer. Experts recommend that you set some time aside for yourself to masturbate. Do this with dry hands at first; when you feel like you are about to come, stop and take a deep breath. Start again and repeat this two more times. On the fourth climax, you may allow yourself to ejaculate.

Once you have mastered this technique, try the same process with wet hands. This will feel more like a vagina. You could also try masturbating before a date so that you are able to last longer when you engage in sexual intercourse.

Don’t feel like you are the only man to suffer with premature ejaculation; it is more common than you realise – and most women already know this!