Pros and Cons of Masturbation

Masturbating is very common for both men and women. As long as it’s kept discreet, it’s no longer seen as much of a taboo; it’s still not something you’d like to be caught doing, but it’s generally accepted in society as a normal, healthy thing for an adult to do. Only certain religions, cultures or traditional values may frown upon it, which may lead to feelings of guilt and shame. If none of these factors apply to you, there’s nothing to feel bad about! Even our hot brunette escorts like a bit of private time…

For years, old wives tales have circulated about the dangers of masturbation; these stories range from saying that masturbating too much will make you go blind, to saying that it can cause you to become infertile. Fortunately, this is a load of tosh: unless you masturbate to excess and cause friction burn, there is no danger to your health. However, there are some things you should watch out for if you spank the monkey on a regular basis.

The more times you masturbate in a row, the less solid your erection will be each time, and it will take you longer to ejaculate. This is worth keeping in mind if you have a hot date; doing it once before you see her may calm down your sexual craving and help you last longer in bed should you get lucky, but if you do it too many times you could have trouble maintaining an erection or reaching climax when you do get it on with her.

There’s no fixed amount of masturbation that counts as ‘excessive’, as each person is different. If you’re worried about it, think about whether or not it effects your day to day life and personal relationships. If it’s interfering or having a negative effect, you may want to calm it down. Some men find that masturbating too often reduces their desire to have sex with their partner, so prefer to save some sexual cravings for their other half. However, it’s completely normal to do it while you’re in a relationship – we bet she does too!

It’s advisable to use lubrication when you masturbate so prevent friction, and make sure you have somewhere to ejaculate so that it’s not a mess to clean up! Most people stick to the bedroom or bathroom; in the workplace would certainly be frowned upon. As long as you’re sensible about when and where you get off, it can be one of the best things in the world!