The Rules of A One Night Stand

Most of us either have had or will have a one night stand at some point in our lives. For some it’s intentional; going out on the pull to get laid with no strings attached. For others, it’s just a few too many beers and a surprise when you wake up in a strange room.

As it’s become such a common part of life, there are ground rules that should be followed – for your own good as well as hers.

First of all, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. If you just want a bit of fun to spice up your life, that’s great. But if you’re trying to get over a break up or you just feel really lonely, a one night stand could just leave you feeling worse. Just imagine how you’ll feel if she shows no interest in you afterwards and leaves straight away. You can’t assume that as the man, you’ll always have the upper hand.

Make it clear what you want. It’s cruel to get a girl’s hopes up of you have no intention of swapping numbers the next morning; just let her know that you’re only looking for a bit of fun if that’s what you want. Chances are she’s looking for the same and you’ll have a great time. But if she is looking for a relationship, it’s best to find that out before you jump into bed together.

Always take a condom out with you, even if you’re not going on the pull. You need to protect yourself from STIs and prevent any unwanted pregnancies! Also, it’s a good idea to let her friends know where you’re going. Women can be very protective of their friends, and if one of them disappears without a word they could get worried and even end up calling the police.

Watch out for your beer goggles. There’s nothing worse than waking up to find a troll in your bed! If you’re not sure how straight you’re seeing, ask your mates what they think of her – they’ll probably give you an honest opinion. But we can’t promise they won’t play a prank on you and tell you that an ugly girl’s fit!

It’s a good idea to give yourself a get out clause. She might seem awesome now, but you may not feel the same way tomorrow. Before you go to bed, tell her you have an appointment in the morning. That way, you can slip away early without hurting her feelings. If you want to stick around, just tell her it was cancelled!

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