Sexy Shower Scents

Never underestimate what you can achieve with a good hot or cold shower. Here is our newest tip for all the men who would like to do very little to achieve a lot. Change your shower gel!

Nothing is more important and attractive than staying clean and fresh. Choose a shower gel that contains aromas with aphrodisiac properties – scents that have been used as secret weapons to increase sexual pleasure for centuries. Imagine jumping into bed with a gorgeous woman after a quick hot shower, when you smell clean and sexy. She’s going to inhale this sexy fragrance, which will impact her physiological and energetic centres and increase the sexual attraction. You’re guaranteed to have a fun night from here on!

Alternatively, you can both jump into the shower together. Imagine the hot steamy air filled with the aphrodisiac scent of your new shower gel; it’s going to send you both into the opportunity for a mind blowing sexual experience. Check out what one London gentleman had to say about the subject:

“I once hired this really beautiful brunette escort. She was supposed to be top class and really experienced. She was supposed to be the one who was in control to please me, but when she came into the shower with me and smelled my shower gel, she got so aroused that she came more times than me! I didn’t mind that at all – it actually boosted my ego and confidence level to watch her going crazy about me.”

It has been scientifically proven that through inhalation, scents and smells can be a very powerful arousal. It is also very important when it comes to sexual attraction, women are usually subconsciously aroused by even the lightest scents. Smells can easily affect our moods and behaviours, and that’s why it is important for men to understand that by simply changing your shower gel you can easily manipulate the sexual desire that women have for you! Try to choose a natural scent, such as vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, rose, or black pepper. Good luck gentlemen!