Sleeping Well With Your Partner

When you’re used to sleeping by yourself, it can be quite difficult to adapt when you start sleeping next to your partner. It’s more than likely that one or the other of you will hog the bed, steal the duvet or thrash about in your sleep. You might keep each other awake by snoring or sleep talking, and get too warm with an extra body in the bed.

There are a some things you can do to make your nights together more harmonious, so you will eventually break your single sleeping habits and make room for your new lover.

Before you start sharing your bed, make sure you wash all of your sheets and covers. Even if you’re a very clean and hygienic person, everyone has their own individual smell and someone new might find it more difficult to sleep with a scent they’re not used to. Providing that neither of you are allergic to washing powder, most people love to sleep in freshly washed and ironed sheets so will immediately feel more comfortable.

Snoring is one of the biggest offenders in the bedroom, but it can be remedied. Mild problems in this department can often be solved simply by rolling over; you’re more likely to snore when lying on your back, so try to lie on your side. If you have a cold that makes it worse, use a nasal spray before bed and maybe put some drops of eucalyptus oil on your pillow to keep your airways clear. For more persistent problems, check your local pharmacy for strips to wear across your nose that alleviate the problem.

In the winter, it can be wonderful to have someone to cuddle up to, but when the weather gets warmer bodies can get sweaty and sticky – not the most desirable sleeping conditions. Try a simple solution like opening the window or buying a small fan for your room; this will leave you free to hold your partner.

Avoid any caffeine before bed otherwise you will find it more difficult to sleep; even a cup of tea could disturb your pattern. At first it will be more difficult to drop off because you’re not accustomed to sharing your bed space, so avoid anything else that might make it harder for you.

Some of our London escorts keep very unusual hours so they have learned to sleep any time, anywhere; if you’re someone like this, you won’t have a problem. If not, the best advice is just to give it time – eventually you won’t be able to sleep without them!