A Speedy Recovery

After a heavy weekend, you can be left feeling a little delicate. Too much alcohol, not enough sleep, over eating junk food or skipping meals can all take its toll on your body. None of us like the idea of facing work on Monday in this state, but luckily our bodies repair themselves within a day or too as long as we take it easy. There are a few things you can do to speed up your recovery and get you back to feeling in tip top condition.

One of the most important things that your body needs is hydration. Alcohol may be liquid, but it actually dehydrates you. It is sensible to alternate your alcoholic drinks with water throughout the evening, but realistically, many of us forget to do this or simply don’t want to. Try to remember to drink a pint of water at home before you go to bed; this will severely reduce the symptoms of your hangover. That thumping headache you get is a result of dehydration, so this is preventable. Drink more water in the morning, along with some fresh juice to put some vitamins in your body.

Vitamins can also help your body get back on track. Taking a multivitamin tablet every day is not a magic cure, but it does give your body better defences to repair itself. You can also buy 1000mg vitamin C tablets which can be taken when you’re run down to give your immune system a boost.

Often, what you need to feel better is plenty of rest. It’s common to miss out on the hours you need on Friday and Saturday night, so put Sunday aside for an early one. Experts recommend 8 hours sleep a night (this varies slightly from person to person), so if you get considerably less than that your body won’t have a chance to recharge. Give yourself some extra time so that you can wake up on Monday feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

During the week it’s easier to control what you eat; taking a packed lunch to work can help you resist temptation and eat a more balanced diet. Remember your 5 a day, and make sure there’s also some protein, carbohydrates and preferably natural sugars to give you energy. Soon, you’ll be right back on track and ready to show one of our gorgeous cheap escorts the time of their life!