Stay Looking Younger

I caught up with a friend of mine for drinks a few days ago, and he looked at least 10 years younger than usual, which completely surprised me. He told me that he had a mini break to Paris with this gorgeous London escort a few months ago; the girl was in her early 20s and made him feel so much younger and more relaxed that he decided to look after his appearance more. If you want to get the same results, here are some simple tips for a quick makeover without going under the knife.

Have your teeth whitened professionally: Pay a visit to your dentist and have your teeth whitened to get a brilliant smile. Alternatively you can also try some over-the-counter tooth whiteners, which are more economical but less effective. Include a whitening toothpaste in your daily routine to maintain the results.

Use a good moisturiser: Facial moisturiser is not just for women. Men’s skin can look dull and dry as well, and this makes your fine lines more visible. Try to use a daily moisturiser that contains sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays, and a light eye gel to combat signs of fatigue and bags under the eyes.

Manage your facial hair: Keep your face clean shaven or styled in short stubble, and always trim your nose and ear hair. You can buy nose hair trimmers at your local pharmacy and it’s completely simple and painless to use. One of the worst signs of ageing is unruly hair!

Cover up grey strands: Get a nice hair cut and have your hair coloured to cover up the greys; it will make you look years younger. Choose a dye to match your natural colour to keep the change subtle looking.

Dress to impress: Try to wear more colours that complement your complexion and eye colour. If you’ve been wearing the same things for the past decade, it’s probably time to update your wardrobe now. You could always ask one of our escort girls to take you shopping.

Lose a few pounds: Pick up an exercise routine, whether it’s jogging twice a week in the park or going to the gym after work. This will help you increase your energy level and blood circulation which make you look fitter and feel better. An old man beer gut never won any hearts.