Stretch Your Brain

It’s probably quite a while since you were at school. I’m sure you’re an expert in your specific career field, but general knowledge tends to leak out of our ears as the years go on. We get a little bit more forgetful, a little bit more behind the times and a little less observant. There’s a lot to be said for life experience, and traits such as wit can really develop and blossom with age. But if you want to impress a Tower Hill escort on a date, you need your brain to be on the ball!

Here are a few ideas to keep your mind sharp and your brain buzzing.

Read No, we don’t mean just reading ‘Nuts’ or ‘FHM’. And you’ll have to tear your eyes away from Page 3 of the Sun to learn something more… we already know that breasts are great!

Try to vary the content of your reading. You won’t develop general knowledge much from reading only Autobiographies, and sticking to fictional novels may leave you with your head in the clouds. Mix it up and try varying your genres. You will soon get familiar with what you enjoy reading and what you don’t. Try not to disregard a book or magazine for being too ‘girly’ – it might actually give you a great insight into the female mind.

Reading the news gives you a broad look into current affairs, covering topics such as sport, world events, politics, technology and entertainment. This might come in handy at the pub quiz!

Do Puzzles It’s easy to find puzzles – they’re in the back of many newspapers, magazines and television guides. Su Doku took the world by storm and tested our mathematical prowess for the first time in years. Crosswords and other word puzzles are also good ways of stretching your brain. You can now even get hand held games consoles to test yourself, letting you keep track of your success and progress.

Once you feel more confident, you can start challenging others to games and stirring up a bit of healthy competition.

Set Yourself Goals Give yourself an aim and stick to it, such as learning a new word each week and trying to use it in every day conversation. Your new improved vocabulary will make you sound suave and intelligent, leaving the girls swooning at your complete package of good qualities! You can set the homepage on your computer to generate a new “word of the day” to make it easy for you.