Turn Your Day Around

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like everything’s going wrong? You spill your coffee down your white shirt, lose your keys which then makes you late for work, the one day that you have an important meeting first thing. The boss is on your back, you forgot to pay your rent and then it rains on your new suede shoes. Could things get any worse?

All of us have these days every once in a while. It can seem like the whole world is against you, and one thing happens after another. On a normal day, you’d be able to cope fine with any one of these events, but when they all hit you at once it’s difficult to maintain a positive attitude.

Things like this can create a vicious circle, resulting in things getting even worse for you; if you’re already irritable, you’re more likely to snap at people who are trying to help. You may end up angering your colleagues, upsetting your wife or girlfriend or annoying your friends – everyone has their own problems and probably don’t want to hear about your trivial gripes! It’s up to you to get yourself out of the rut and make things start looking up. If you insist on wallowing in your own self pity, your day will stay grey.

If you’re at work, make a list of tasks you can realistically accomplish that day. When everything is getting on top of you, it gives you a real sense of satisfaction to tick off the boxes and know that you’re on your way to completing the list. Allow yourself a proper tea break to collect your thoughts and focus on what needs to be done.

It might make you feel better to do something exciting in your lunch break, something different to the usual. Perhaps you could buy yourself something nice at the shops, or meet a friend for a drink. If you’re feeling particularly stressed and uptight, book yourself in for a 30 minute massage or you could even visit a gorgeous London escort to take your mind off things. That would certainly ease the tension away!

Try to put your problems into perspective: there will always be someone worse off than you. Comparing your spilt milk to international disasters really can make you realise how lucky you are to have your lot. Concentrate on the positive things in your life, however great or small; perhaps you have a beautiful girlfriend, a holiday booked or a steady job. If you do all of this, by the end of the day you’ll be going home with a spring in your step!