What Are Your Eating Habits?

With levels of obesity rising in the UK and Londoners finding less and less free time to devote to exercise and keeping fit, many of us are being forced to analyse our eating habits. I’m one of the types who skips breakfast, and doesn’t get round to eating a morsel until mid afternoon – but then I succumb to takeaways and oversized meals late in the evening. Some pick and nibble at snacks like crisps and biscuits throughout the day, not realising they’ve consumed an extra 1000 calories on top of their meals. Others stick to the normal 3 meals a day, but seriously exceed their recommended daily allowance of fat, salt and sugar.

If you fall into any of these categories, you might want to take heed of the tips below – for the sake of your waistline!

<b>Eat Breakfast</b> Many Londoners have an ‘on the go’ lifestyle, often forgetting to eat lunch or just grabbing a snack before they leave. This generally means that you are not paying any attention to what you eat or how you’re eating it. This makes you more likely to over compensate when you’ve gone a long stretch without eating, choosing highly calorific or fatty foods instead of thinking about what you’re eating. To avoid this, make time to eat a proper breakfast before you leave the house. A bowl of cereal, wholegrain toast or fruit and yoghurt are all good choices that will kick start your metabolism and give you energy. It will make you less likely to buy naughty snacks on the run.

<b>Snacking</b> If you are a snacker, pack healthy options in your bag and take them to work with you. If you’re at home, try wholemeal toast with low fat cheese, or pitta bread and carrot sticks with a hummus dip. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, because we often mistake thirst for hunger. You’ll find that you feel full up more quickly if you’re drinking enough. Also try to eat at least one proper, balanced meal per day.

<b>Overeating</b> Once you’ve gotten into the habit of eating large portions, it can be hard to cut down. You often feel deprived if you don’t get a proper big meal. Try the water trick first; wait about 10 minutes before you start eating so that you don’t confuse hunger with thirst. One trick is to use smaller plates; it will still look full with less food on it. If you’re trying to lose weight without giving up your hearty meals, do the 2/3 trick; always eat 2 thirds of what’s on your plate, and leave a third. It takes some will power!

Our Paddington Escorts are very disciplined with their diets to keep such desirable figures, but even they have to be careful not to succumb to the snacks!