What Makes Men Nervous

Do you ever get an attack of nerves, but don’t say anything because you think it will make you less manly? You’d be surprised at how common anxiety can be, especially when it comes to women. Here are a few things that make most men quake in their boots, whether they admit ot or not…

First Dates We’ve bigged ourselves up to the max and managed to get her phone number – brilliant. But then the realisation dawns on us that we have to make it through that dreaded first date if we want a chance at taking things further! If you’ve really wooed a woman, she will have high expectations of you. Knowing what to talk about, where to take her and how much to give away can be very daunting. A first date is something that strikes fear into the hearts of most men, especially if you really like her.

Fakery Ok, so no man is going to object to a heaving cleavage caused by a push up bra. But when the girl we thought was a natural stunner turns out to be all padding, stomach holding in pants, fake tan that rubs off on our white shirt, false eye lashes that look like spiders legs and hair extensions that come out when you’re a bit rough in bed, it’s more than a little disappointing. We want to know what a woman actually looks like – all that fakery is terrifying!

The First Kiss Ever since having their first kiss in school, this has turned men all over the world into bags of nerves. Choosing your moment to lean in and go for it takes a lot of consideration; has she given you the right signals? Does your breath smell alright? Will she kiss you back? Many moments can be missed by getting too nervous to give it a go.

Our Appearance When you’re young, you can be really confident about your looks and think that you could make any woman smitten. But it can be devastating when your waistline begins to expand and your hairline starts receding. It happens at different ages for different men, but don’t think that you can rely on your looks forever.

Sexual Performance We’re never quite sure if we’re doing it right when we perform oral sex – every woman seems to like it differently. Then there’s the fear of premature ejaculation, forcing us to think of the most unsexy thing possible to hold out longer. Then actual sex – should we go fast or slow, soft or hard? It’s all nerve wracking with someone new!

If you never quite understand what women want or you’re nervous in their company, spend some time with one of our Ravenscourt Park Escort; they’ll soon put you at ease!