Film Review: Black Swan

A film about ballet may be the last thing to see on your list. But after hearing rave reviews from several of our Leicester Square escorts who had recently been to the cinema, we were more than a little bit curious! Just as promised, there are scenes of lesbian romps, Natalie Portman masturbating and a smidgen of psycho-thriller gore. Not a bad combination! On top of that, the screen is filled with lithe, beautiful girls who can lift their legs exceptionally high. Bonus.

The story follows Nina, played by the beautiful Portman, as she wins the lead role in Swan Lake. She is obsessed with perfecting her technique, but the director, Thomas, criticises her for her lack of passion. It’s clear that she’s very uptight and needs to loosen up. The role requires her to play the white swan, who is pure, sweet and innocent, but also the black swan, who is a wicked seductress. Nina excels at the former, but struggles with the latter.

It becomes clear throughout the film that Nina’s overbearing mother is slightly unstable; she’s the driving force behind her daughter’s career, mourning her lost opportunity at becoming a lead ballerina in her youth (when she fell pregnant). Her tendencies obviously rub off on Nina, whose mental state gradually deteriorates throughout the film. There are some scenes of self harm, showing that Nina is cracking under the pressure.

If you take a cheap London escort as your date to the scene, watch out for scenes that will make her squirm; some of Nina’s hallucinations are pretty gruesome! She battles with the psychological conflict between her light and dark side, always pushed by Thomas to release her wild, seductive side. As she transforms into the black swan to perfect her role, there are some dire consequences.

This film might not convert you into a lover of ballet if you weren’t one already, but it’s definitely a good watch. Natalie Portman gives a scarily convincing performance, and the gorgeous Mila Kunis is ideal to play opposite her. Actually, Mila Kunis is so hot, she would be ideal in any film. When the girls explore their sexuality, you’ll be glad that you didn’t take your Mum to the cinema with you: cringe! Whether it’s a scene of sexual tension or of chilling horror, it will definitely raise your heart rate and leave you feeling quite exhilarated.