Film Review – Inception

The new Leonardo Dicaprio flick has been out for a couple of weeks now, so you might finally be able to get a seat in the cinema! This film has been a huge success in the UK, selling out screens up and down the country. It’s a great film to go and see with an escort in London , appealing to both genders equally. This is not always an easy task; many films fall into the category of chick flick or action movie, which means that one or the other might be a bit bored, but not this one.

Inception has something for everyone; male and female eye candy (look out for Marion Cotillard and a grown up Ellen Page), action, adventure, romance and special effects. It tells a story of Dom Cobb, the most skilled thief in the world. It isn’t riches he steals, but information from dreams. He has the skill to enter the dream world and extract secrets from the subconscious, without the dreamer being aware. Because of this art, he has become an international fugitive after being blamed for his wife’s death. All Cobb wants is to get back to his children, but this seems an impossible task with every authority in the world after him.

Cobb (played by Dicaprio) is offered a chance for atonement when Saito, an influential businessman, offers him a deal. He will clear Cobb’s name if he performs a task thought impossible by many: inception. Instead of stealing information from the subconscious, he must plant an idea without being detected.

As the plot unfolds, the team join him on a mission that puts all of them at risk; if they fail, all of them could be lost in a dream state forever and never wake up. The story is quite complicated so we would advise that you empty your bladder before the movie! If you can keep up, you and your escort date will be kept on the edge of your seat throughout. The actors give great performances, and there are twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect.

It is definitely worth going to see this film while it is still on the big screen; it will keep you thinking afterwards, and is a feast for the eyes. Inception has received some great reviews and continues to pack out cinemas; make an evening of it and find out what everyone is talking about.