Film Review – The Invention of Lying

If you’re looking for a film to accompany a Gloucester Road escort to, you’d have a fairly safe bet with the latest offering from Ricky Gervias, ‘The Invention of Lying’. A comedy appeals to both genders equally, and it might be a good way to break the ice if you’re a bit shy.

If you are already a fan of the comedian, you are sure to enjoy this film. Gervais has kept his Hollywood appearances to a minimum so far, but he was involved in the writing and direction of ‘The Invention of Lying’ as well as playing the leading role. His character, Mark Bellison, has many shades of the ‘David Brent’ type we’re used to. Described as a “chubby little loser”, Gervais plays a single, sad screenwriter. He is miserable with his life, even more so because the world he lives in is one where nobody tells lies. Any colleagues that dislike him or girls who don’t fancy him are brutally honest about it, and this makes a very harsh reality for Bellison. However, some peoples upfront comments are pure comedy and will certainly raise a laugh.

Sometimes, the constant self pity from Bellison throughout the film becomes boring. He’s not actually that fat or ugly, and at least he manages to land a date with the gorgeous Jennifer Garner (albeit a blind date).

The deadpan humour portrayed by Gervais is nothing we haven’t seen before, but it maintains the same charm we have become accustomed to from the comedian. Although this film is unlikely to win any awards, it is a pleasant and inoffensive watch suitable for any adult.

Gervais has been criticised for playing it too safe in ‘The Invention of Lying’. He tackles religion and could have raised a debate about Christianity, but seems to lose his nerve and end the film a bit limply.

The concept of the film is great; a man discovers that he has the ability to lie in a world of truth. He finds fortune and fame and can bend circumstances to suit himself. Unfortunately, this film could have been a lot funnier that in ended up being, but is still worth a watch. Or perhaps you want to wait until it comes out on DVD…