Are There Problems in Your Marriage?

When you first get married, you can’t ever imagine being apart from that woman. You love her more than life, and look forward to living a long and happy life together. However, things aren’t always that rosy. Once you get past the blissful honeymoon period, cracks can start to show; habits that you once found endearing might become irritating, and your patience might not be as everlasting as it once was. This doesn’t mean that you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse; it is natural for things to change after some time has passed.

There are several marital problems that are very common and can be worked on – see if any of these ring a bell. You can still maintain a healthy relationship if you get past these disagreements which occur in the majority of marriages.

You might think that something as small as who does which chores will never be a big problem, but it can turn ugly if left in dispute for too long. Gone are the days where a man brings home the bacon and a woman does the house keeping; you need to find a fair way to split the chores between you. If necessary, draw up a timetable so that each of you remembers what you have to do – this will avoid many squabbles!

You may have noticed your sex life dwindling, which will increase your stress levels. Lust is always prevalent at the beginning, but most couples find that the more time they spend together, the less sex they have. Rather than let this annoy you, try to do something about it; do something nice for your wife such as cleaning the house or cooking her dinner. Send the kids out for the evening so you can have some private time to rekindle the romance. If she’s looking to spice things up, she might even be open do doing something wild like hiring a London escort to join the two of you!

Money can create problems in even the happiest of relationships. If one of you is reckless with it, the other will be affected; it can also be hard to adapt to sharing everything you earn after being single and independent. Try not to put a strain on your marriage by struggling with debt; be open and honest about your expenses and come to an agreement with your spouse about how your money is spent. You’ll have a much happier household if there are no serious financial worries.