Are You Confident or Cocky?

There is a fine line between being cocky and being confident. You might have noticed that some guys who appear to be pretty full of themselves manage to pull the hottest girls, and the nice guys finish last. It doesn’t seem fair! Luckily, our sexy escort girls love nice guys, especially those who behave like a real gentlemen. However, if you want to learn how to have just the right amount of arrogance in your flirting techniques, read on.

The first mistake that guys make is to forget to be funny along with their cockiness. No woman (apart from those with serious self esteem issues) is going to be attracted to a man who just insults them, and brags about himself. It can be cute to make little digs at girls and to tease them, but do it in a humorous way so that they know you’re joking. If you’re not sure how far to go, test the water with a gentle ribbing first. A good idea is to try your techniques on female friends first; see whether they laugh or get offended, and use this as a basis on how the object of your affection will react.

The worst thing you can do is to try to impress her by dropping into conversation how much you earn, what car you drive, and how many girls you have falling at your feet. Rather than earning her respect, she’ll just write you off as an arrogant idiot and move onto someone with a bit more substance. The only cash you should be flashing is to buy her a drink at the bar. The only girls you’ll attract by bragging is gold diggers, who aren’t the ideal girlfriends.

If your funny quips aren’t working on her, don’t pursue that method. You should be able to notice her reactions; if she’s smiling and maintaining eye contact, it’s doing the trick. If her attention is elsewhere, try a different technique.

Usually, having the right amount of cockiness comes naturally to men. The only way you can learn it well is to spend time with a guy who is very successful with the ladies, using just the right amount of self confidence and arrogance. Perhaps you could be his wing man and learn from the master! In the meantime, our £110 escorts will always be happy to spend time with you.