Are You Stringing Her Along?

Sixty years ago, getting married was seen as a mark of success in life. Men were almost always settled down by their late 20s, well on their way to a white picket fence and 2.4 children. There was no commitment phobia or a desire to remain a bachelor – getting married in your 20s was normal and expected of you by your friends, family and employer. A ‘family man’ image made you seem more trustworthy and reliable, contributing to a ‘healthy’ society. The wives would often stay home and look after the house and the children, having dinner waiting when their husband arrived home from work. Of course this is a very stereotypical view, but it was a lifestyle chosen by many in the 1950s.

Today, it’s a completely different story. There is no one formula that is more popular than another; the country is made up of married, unmarried and divorced couples, single parents and those who prefer to pursue a career than start a family. People are happy to stay single well into their 30s, considering 20 to be way too young to settle down. Now that men and women have equal rights in the workplace and in society, there are many more options available on how to live your life; women don’t need a husband to buy their own home, and men are in no rush to put a ring on a girl’s finger.

With so much freedom, most situations are socially accepted with no pressure from families or work places to tie the knot. However, women still have their biological clock ticking and if you’ve been in a relationship for a significant amount of time, you need to ask yourself what she’s expecting out of it. For many women, being in a relationship for a long time will naturally lead to marriage and babies; this isn’t what all women want, but have you ever asked your girlfriend what she’s looking for? If you’ve spent a number of years together, chances are that she’s hoping for a proposal.

They say that ignorance is bliss. If you never have the scary ‘marriage and babies’ discussion, it’s not an issue – right? Wrong. This could lead to you spending years in a comfortable relationship with no intention of settling down, little to your girlfriend’s knowledge. The discussion has to take place sometime, so you should be as clear as possible from the beginning what it is you’re looking for. There have been so many cases of long term couples breaking up because the man is not yet ready to settle down, and the girl feels like her time is running out to meet someone new.

Instead of stringing her along, be clear about your intentions. If you like the single life, stay a bachelor! You can still find plenty of great company with our female escorts – you’ll never go without. Live the lifestyle you want without any pressure. It’s more fair on your long suffering girlfriends too!