Be on Flirt Alert

If you don’t recognise the signs of flirting, you could be missing out on scoring with loads of gorgeous girls. If you interpret a wink as her having something in her eye, or a gaze at your mouth as an indicator that something’s caught in your teeth, you’ll be going home alone! An easy way to practice reading these signs is to spend more time with our outcall escorts ; they have very flirtatious personalities, and you’ll become more familiar with how a girl behaves when she’s interested in you. If you consider yourself to be quite clueless in this department, read on to find out some female flirting signals.

Eye contact is one of the most common forms of flirting; in fact, studies have shown that women have 12 different ways to flirt just with their eyes. She might hold your gaze across the room, looking away coyly then back at you again. She could flutter her eyes, looking down at her own body and back at you. If you go over to talk to her, she might do the classic technique, the ‘flirting triangle’. This is where she shifts her gaze between your eyes and your lips; it’s an indication that she’s thinking about what it would be like to kiss you. If her attention is focused on your face and in particular between these three points, you can bet that she’s into you.

Flirting is all about body language. You must remember that some people are naturally more tactile than others, so try to judge what is their normal behaviour and what are signs of flirting. Research has shown that there are certain ‘friend-zones’ where a girl may touch you, but not mean anything by it; these are the upper arm, between the shoulder blades and the small of your back. However, if she touches your hands or forearm, your legs or your face, she’s thinking of you as more than a friend.

When you’re flirting, try to steer the conversation away from family and work – these are passion killers. Keep it light, as flirting is basically a form of banter. You don’t need to worry too much about conversation; if there’s a spark between you, this will come naturally. Flirting is much more about body language, so make sure you’re aware of hers!

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