Bedroom Sins

Just like every other area of life, there is a certain etiquette that should be adhered to in the bedroom. It’s important to have good manners and be respectful of your partner, otherwise you might find yourself out in the cold with your pants round your ankles. Of course everyone is different and has individual expectations, but there are some rules that universally apply under the covers.

Don’t be selfish. She might be happy to give you a blow job, but if you never return the favour she will start to feel put out. You can’t always expect to get but never give – this will be considered as rude and inconsiderate. One of the main reasons that men don’t want to give oral sex is because they lack confidence in the skill they have; but you know what they say… practice makes perfect! Ask your partner for guidance, so you know what feels good for her. She will appreciate you making the effort, and may even reward you with more of what you like best!

Our escort girls are very modern, and are not shy when it comes to discussing what they like in the bedroom. You’ll find that one of their main peeves is when their man rolls over to go to sleep straight after they’ve finished making love; this behaviour often offends women. It is true that chemicals are released into the brain after a man climaxes that make him feel sleepy, but try to stay with her for at least a few minutes before you start snoring. Give her a cuddle, pay her a compliment. It will definitely win you brownie points.

One bedroom sin for both men and women is talking about their exes. Although most of us are a bit curious about our other half’s past, we don’t really want to hear about their sex techniques. It doesn’t matter whether you insult or compliment them – once you bring it up, your other half will always feel that they are being compared to them. It’s best not to mention your ex at all, even if they’re on your mind.

Finally, remember that she’s a lady. Don’t let rip in the bedroom thinking that she’ll find it hilarious – she isn’t one of the lads. Try to avoid belching, eating food in bed that leaves crumbs, laying her on dirty, stained sheets… all of these will make her cringe inside, which is certainly a turn off for her. She might be too polite to say anything, so these are points that you need to remember!