Budget Dating

Unless you’re made of money, chances are that you don’t want a woman who’s only after your money – a ‘gold digger’ you might say. Men are usually happy to uphold traditional values and buy a lady dinner, but these days some ladies expect you to pay for absolutely everything, from their rent to their designer handbags!

Luckily for our pockets, not all girls are like this. There are many places to go in London that barely cost anything, so it is possible to have a cheap, romantic date. You can woo her without breaking the bank! Perhaps you can use these ideas to take out one of out London escorts; our prices are so low that you’ll already have made a big saving just by booking with us!

In the summer months, dating on a budget is so much cheaper. The sunshine can make the days magical, taking a walk in the park, eating al fresco and visiting the coast. However, the weather doesn’t tend to permit these activities until later in the year! However, you can put an interesting twist on summer activities to keep the winter romantic. For example, have a picnic on a blanket, but do it indoors! Make up a basket of your favourite foods and add a bottle of wine. A trip to the supermarket earlier in the day will show you how many cheap offers there are to be found; you should both be able to dine for under £10. Lay down a blanket and perhaps light some candles to create a romantic atmosphere in the evening. Your girl will be so impressed with the effort that you’ve gone to that she’s bound to show you her gratitude!

A search online can give you a host of opportunities. There are websites dedicated to free tickets, such as ‘See Film First’. Whenever they have spare seats at a theatre, concert or cinema screening, you will be alerted and offered tickets for free. Your date doesn’t even to know that the evening is complimentary! Also, many large chain restaurants offer vouchers on their meals, such as 2 for 1 or 50% off the bill. These can usually be downloaded in exchange for your email address; your date will probably know about this when the time comes to pay and you must present the voucher. But if you’re both fine with the idea, you can eat out in some lovely restaurants at a very low cost.

There are so many budget dating ideas around London, too many to mention! Do a little research and the opportunities will start flooding in.