Buying a Girl Lingerie

Buying sexy underwear for a woman can be quite daunting. If you’re with a new girlfriend there are several things to consider: what size is she? What’s her style and taste? Where should you get it from and how much should you spend? Hopefully, she will be so flattered that she won’t mind if you get it slightly wrong, but it’s advisable to keep the receipt just in case!

Many of our busty escorts have received gifts of lingerie; it’s not too difficult to buy for these girls because their bra size is listed and you already know that they love to dress up in sexy underwear. However, if you’ve just started dating someone, don’t rush into an overly sexual present – she might get the wrong impression that you’re trying to get her into something kinky. It should be saved for a girlfriend who you’re more familiar with, who you know won’t take offence.

Gifts are always the best when they’re a surprise, so you shouldn’t ask your girlfriend her measurements. Instead, there are two things you could try: either ask one of her close friends, letting them know that you want to surprise your girlfriend, or have a sneaky peek at the labels in her underwear drawer. Be careful with this one – if you get caught, she might think that you’re secretly a pervert who will pocket her panties! Once you have her measurements, you’re ready to get shopping.

Take note of the kind of underwear she already wears; if she usually wears something sweet and girly, don’t surprise her with black PVC without discussing it first. It probably won’t go down well! Stick to the kind of colours of fabrics you’ve seen her in before if you want to make sure that she likes what you buy her.

Don’t be afraid to ask a female shop assistant for help; they’ve seen and heard it all before, and there’s no reason to be embarrassed. They might prove to be quite helpful, telling you what’s usually popular with ladies who buy lingerie. If you really can’t face buying it in person, there are plenty of shops online – just have a browse around the internet. Remember to select the right size and perhaps have it gift wrapped if there’s an option. If she’s not very confident, make sure you reassure her how beautiful you think she is, and tell her you’d love to see her wearing it. That way, you both get rewarded!