Catch Her Attention

You might be familiar with that feeling you get when you first spy a pretty girl across the room, your eyes meet and your stomach does a little flip. You think she’s interested too, she keeps looking back at you. But what do you do now? You don’t want to scare her off with a cheesy chat up line, but you want to let her know you’re interested.

Here are a few things you could try telling her to catch her attention. We’ve tried and tested a few on some beautiful Holland Park Escorts, and they worked a charm!

Pay Her a Compliment Avoid saying anything about her body as this will imply that you just want sex and put her off. Don’t mention her figure or her breasts, even if they’re great – and try not to stare at them. Say something safe like “Your earrings are pretty”. It’s not too over the top but will flatter her. If you say you like her top, she will know that you mean her breasts. Keep eye contact with her while you are talking, but not in a staring or freaky way. If you keep looking away of at your feet, you will look shifty or shy. Present yourself with confidence and you will seem more attractive to her.

If she responds positively (that’s a smile and ‘thank you’ rather than turning her back or telling you to sod off), you could follow up the compliment with a random question or fact. Ask her something bizarre with a cheeky smile to let her know that you’re not being serious. Avoid anything graphic or gross – this doesn’t appeal to women. Also make sure nothing you say could be construed as sexist, just in case it gets her back up.

Be A Gentleman A little bit of chivalry is usually appreciated. If you see the object of desire struggling with a heavy case, asking “Can I help you with that?” should work. If you’re in a bar, offer her a drink with out seeming too pushy. If you go along the lines of “I already have a bottle of wine open, would you like a glass?”, she will think you’re being generous. Similarly, if you are already at the bar, tell her you were just about to buy a round and ask if she would like a drink too. This way puts less pressure on her and she won’t feel obliged in any way.

Ask for her Help You can play the hopeless male to spark your lady’s interest. This works well if you’re out shopping; say you’re shopping for a female friend/sister and ask if she thinks they would like something you’ve picked out. If you’re in town, ask her if she knows a good restaurant/bar in the area. Maybe she’ll go with you!