Is Chivalry Dead?

In this day and age, romance is a dying tradition and chivalry is hard to find. You might not see the point of it all if you’re able to get a girl without putting in the hard work, but girlfriends, wives and London escorts alike will all be putty in your hands if you throw a little old fashioned romance into the mix.

In previous generations, it was a natural part of a man’s upbringing to treat a lady respectfully; they would always hold a door open, offer to carry a bag for a woman or show general courteous behavior. Some traditions have died out, such as standing at the table when a lady rises, and running around to open a lady’s car door for her. Women have in fact contributed to this decline themselves with theprevalence of feminism. Some women have an “I can open my OWN door” attitude and resent men doing anything for them, taking offence at the suggestion that they are not able to do it capably themselves. However this attitude is that of a minority, and should not put you off modern chivalry.

The word ‘chivalry’ comes from ‘chevalier’ in French, meaning one who rides on a horse. It originally applied to knightly virtues, honor and ideals such as courtly love. Today, it has been translated to basic manners, respectful behaviour towards women and romance.

Many modern women will agree to ‘go dutch’ on a dinner date by paying half each. Although they will claim not to object, many women would actually prefer to be treated. This does not mean that they are a gold digger, it is simply a traditional gesture from a man that is still appreciated today. Each woman’s opinion differs so you cannot generalise, but offering to pay for you both (especially on the first date) will give you the option to suss your girl out. If she firmly insists on her paying her own way, she may not be as interested in chivalrous behaviour and you’re probably off the hook!

Gifts such as flowers, chocolates and jewellery can be seen as cliche, but many girls still love to receive them. It will make them feel special and valued. Don’t just buy flowers when you have done something wrong; surprise her for no reason and chances are you’ll be greatly rewarded! Small gestures such as walking on the outside of the pavement to keep your girl away from the road or carrying her bag will win you points – prove to her that chivalry isn’t dead!