Christmas Season Sex Tips

With the cold winter season upon it, it’s about time you added some Christmas spice to heat things up! Here are a few ways you and your partner can get into the festive spirit at the same time as keeping your sex life on fire!

Mrs Claus As you know, it’s traditional to sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what you want for Christmas. But instead of you dressing as a fat man with a white beard, bring home a sexy little Mrs Claus number for your girlfriend. It’s the perfect excuse for her to give you a lap dance in fur trimmed red lingerie, then she can sit on you and tell you exactly what she wants for Christmas…

Naughty Advent Calendar Make the countdown to Christmas more exciting by creating your very own naughty advent calendar. Each write down your 12 favourite sex acts on a piece of paper and fold them up. It can be anything from a full body massage to oral sex – whatever turns you on. Each day from the 1st December, pick out one of the pieces of paper and perform that act. When it comes to Christmas day, you can choose your mutual favourite to finish off, or combine them all for a marathon! Obviously, this is less easy if you’re visiting parents…

Keep Your Clothes On If it’s too cold to get naked, build the tension by making out with all of your clothes on. More fun than lighting a log fire, it will remind you of when you were a teenager; dry humping and hands up the fronts of jumpers will be such a tease that you’ll both be gagging for it! To go all the way, try hitching up her skirt and pulling her knickers aside – just make sure she keeps her heels on for extra sexy clothes on play!

Play Games with a Twist We all like a game of Monopoly at Christmas, but spice things up by putting your own twist on traditional board games. You could introduce a stripping element, assign different sexual practises to numbers on the dice or think up a brilliant treat for the winner. It will make things much more interesting!

If you don’t have a partner, try hiring a sexy Kensal Rise Escort to spend some time with over Christmas. That should definitely heat things up for you!