Coping With her Male Friends

A large proportion of men will experience jealousy on some level at one point or another – if you’ve never felt a flicker of rage when a muscle bound meat head makes a move on your girl, something’s probably wrong with your relationship! Keeping the green eyed monster at bay can be a hard task, but sometimes it’s worth it to keep your woman happy.

One of the most difficult situations is when your girl has male friends, and you know that they fancy her. Most decent guys won’t act on it, but women can be so naive! They’re convinced that it’s just platonic, but really he’s constantly imagining what she looks like naked. If you say something she gets annoyed at you, and if you tried to stop her seeing him she would fly off the handle! It’s never a good idea to mention anything unless you are genuinely concerned that they could be embarking on an affair; don’t let your imagination run away with you, or you could risk jeopardising your entire relationship.

To set your mind at ease, try to spend some time with this male friend. See how he behaves around her and judge whether or not you think he’s a risk. But whatever you do, don’t let her know that you’re jealous! You might find that there’s nothing to worry about after all.

Remember to be nice to him. If you act like an idiot, he will disapprove of you being her boyfriend and could bad mouth you behind your back. It’s not just girl friends who gossip; your woman will value his opinion because he’s a friend, so it’s best if he likes you.

It also makes a difference if you know a bit about the guy: does he have other female friends? Has he ever stolen someone else’s girlfriend? Is he a player? These will all help you assess the situation more accurately.

Some men who visit Warren street escorts have experienced feelings of jealousy. If you see one lovely girl too often you can become attached as you start to feel closer to them, and then you might resent her meeting with other clients. This is always a dangerous road to go down; you hear the odd love story of an escort giving up her job and running away with a client, but this is very rare. If you do have a favourite London escort, try to keep your relationship at enough of a distance that you won’t mind her seeing other men otherwise you’ll only torture yourself.