First Date Jitters

You’ve waited a long time for this. Having been dateless for over a year, you’ve almost forgotten all the rules and regs to follow. Nightmare. There have been promising glimpses at possibilities in the past, yet they soon fizzle out. It’s not because you are frightening to look at nor is it because you are not at all appealing, but there is something that it is causing these women to be put off. Your confidence. We may have reiterated this a million times before and mentioned it in every article, but we wouldn’t unless it was true: Confidence is Key!

When it comes to meeting the lady in question – your first date, it is important that you stay cool and calm. Losing your nerves and turning up a jittering wreck is not good for anybody. Let alone you. Whether your first date is a blind one, or with someone you previously know, it is best to be yourself. Pretending to be a more interesting, exuberant you is both silly and misleading.

Escaping the first date jitters is actually quite difficult. The last thing you want to achieve at is making a fool of yourself, yet when you are too anxious this is the thing you are most likely to accomplish. So, how do you overcome apprehension and sail through the date unscathed?

The cheap London escorts have been privy to many a catastrophe as well as successes. When it comes to entering into a first date without hiccups, they fully recommend taking a deep breath. As easy as that? Not quite. You’ll need a barrage of other benefactors in order to make it a success. However, they are all pretty simple and easy to master, so do not worry.

Firstly: It’s important to be prepared with conversation fodder. Awkward silences are not what you’re after, nor in fact moments filled with insane waffle. We’re not suggesting firing questions at here like a police interrogation, more like you’re chatting with your friends (note to self: leave out the dirty smutty jokes – unless she likes that kinda thing?). Discussing holidays, music, current events, friends and family, jobs etc are the safest of conversation topics. If you feel the need to dish out a pick up line or two, do it at your own risk. Generally speaking, they have all been heard of before. Don’t dare to dust them off this time, use your words instead. It’s all about keeping the conversation flowing and focused on her. Even if there is no awkward silences, doesn’t mean an evening of discussing everything about yourself is on the cards. Showing your interest in her will not only keep the conversation going, but it will also reduce the possibility of you spouting some embarrassing info about yourself.

Plus, it is always important to remember this is her first date with you two, we bet she’s nervous too. Relax and enjoy it.