First Date Nerves

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have just the right amount of self confidence in all situations? Finding a good balance is difficult for most of us; some men go overboard and come across as arrogant, some have none and become very shy. Others hide their insecurities with false confidence and bravado, which girls can usually see straight through! Confidence is useful in so many areas of life; in the workplace, at social gatherings, during confrontation and, of course, on first dates. A lack of it can actually be a turn off for women, so here are a few tips to overcome your first date nerves.

First of all, remember not to blow this out of proportion. She is probably just as nervous as you are; you’re both going on this date for the same reason. You’re in the same boat! Take some deep breaths, and try to relax. This is just a night where two people can get together and have some fun, getting to know each other a bit better. Some men work themselves up and by the time they need to leave, they’re quaking in their boots! This is completely unnecessary, so if you catch yourself panicking, remind yourself that you are prepared and looking forward to this.

If you drink alcohol, allow yourself one stiff drink before you go out. The important thing is to avoid having any more than this; if you turn up drunk and smelling like a brewery, she will be immediately put off. However, some people find that it relaxes them and gives them some “dutch courage”. Even if it’s just psychological, this could give you the little boost you need to remember what a stud you are!

Try listening to some relaxing music to chill you out. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you’re not in a rush, and allow yourself to sit down and relax for a few minutes before you leave. During this time, visualise your date going well; if you visualise this, you’ll begin to feel much more positive and your nerves will melt away.

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