Flattery Gets You Everywhere!

Some women might tell you that flattery will get you nowhere, but most of the time these are empty words. If delivered in the right way, you can use flattery to get exactly what you want! Where a lot of men go wrong is throwing out compliments that sound contrived and fake; these will have the opposite effect to what you’re going for and may well put the girl off you. Our busty escorts often get cat calls and wolf whistles in the street, but it’s the genuine, sincere compliments that really make them blush. Read on to learn how to perfect this art.

Firstly, don’t use a generic or obvious compliment. Any guy could rave about the eyes or smile of any girl – it doesn’t make it very personal. If you really want to impress her, take a few moments to take her in, and find something to say that actually reflects her individually. This shows that you are being sincere and have put some thought into your comment.

Even if your ulterior motive is to get the girl into bed, she will immediately dismiss you if this is in any way apparent. Whatever you do, don’t give a sexually charged compliment to a woman you’ve just met; if you make a comment on her breasts, her ass or her figure in general, she will automatically assume that you’re only after one thing. Although there are a few girls that this might appeal to, most will dismiss you and move on to someone more gentlemanly. Keep your compliments clean, and try to keep your eyes on her face!

The best kind of compliment depends on your relationship with the woman in question. If it’s someone you’ve just met, it needs to be quite superficial. You don’t know her very well, and anything too deep and meaningful might make her think you’re a bit weird. However, if you’ve been dating for a few months, you should try to flatter her in other ways. Focus on positive elements of her personality such as her kindness or sense of humour; perhaps you’ve learned things about her that you could compliment, such as her being a great cook or a good listener. Women will appreciate you looking a bit deeper than the surface once you get to know each other.

Flattery can be a wonderful thing, so hone this art and use it to your advantage. Make your compliments spontaneous, and don’t use them excessively otherwise the effect will wear off. Get the balance right and she’ll be putty in your hands!