Get Affectionate

There’s a bit of a social stigma about men being too affectionate or ‘soppy’, but what we want to know is who decided cuddling wasn’t cool?! Women openly admit to loving hugging. They like to hold hands, sit on your lap, kiss and nuzzle your neck. From the men we know who have been in long term relationships, they too love to be affectionate – but don’t always let on to their mates.

We’re going to let mankind in on a secret – we love being affectionate! Nothing feels better than having your arms round a loved one, touching and stroking each other. Affection comes in many different forms and can mean many different things; it doesn’t have to lead to sex. Sometimes you just want some contact to feel reassured or to feel closer to them. A kiss can remind someone that you love them, and a touch on the arm can let them know that they have your support. Some are naturally more tactile than others, so judge how comfortable someone is with personal contact before getting too physical.

Public displays of affection, also known as PDAs, have different reactions from the ladies we’ve spoken to. Our Mayfair escorts like to show a little tenderness when they’re out and about, such as holding hands or a kiss on the cheek. It’s also nice to put your arm around her shoulders or waist to show the world that you’re proud to be this woman, and that you care about her. However, many are not fans of over the top passion in public, such as snogging with tongues and open mouths, bum grabbing and fondling. This tends to make onlookers feel uncomfortable and should be kept to private quarters.

We believe that men should not be ashamed about finding a girl they love or care for deeply and showing it; if your mates rip you, they’re probably just jealous! Everyone wants love and to be loved, and affection is how we show this. If you’ve found someone who you can do that with, you’re one of the lucky ones! Stand up tall and be proud to give your woman the attention she needs.

If you’re never affectionate to your wife or girlfriend, it could spell trouble for your relationship. Women need this to be reassured of your love for them and to satisfy their need for physical intimacy; it can really make you closer as a couple, and can relieve tension between you. Couples who kiss and cuddle a lot are usually closer than those who don’t, so get affectionate and be happy!