Get Yourself Out of the Dog House

If you’re a man in a relationship, it’s inevitable that you will spend some of your time in the doghouse; we’re speaking metaphorically of course, but if you’ve done something really bad she may well make you go and sleep in the garden with Fido! It’s impossible to have a perfect relationship, and we’re bound to make the odd mistake… women will undoubtedly make you pay for this.

If you find yourself if this position, there are certain things you can do to ease the situation and win her forgiveness more quickly. The severity of your punishment usually depends on the severity of your crime; if you forgot your anniversary, she may give you the silent treatment. If you’ve been unfaithful or get caught meeting with London escort girls she may withhold sex for a long time to teach you a lesson. Whatever the situation is, if you’re staying in the relationship it’s best to make it as pleasant as possible!

First of all, fight that automatic urge to get defensive. Right now, she believes that you are in the wrong so pointing out things that she has done wrong to get back at her will only make matters worse. You can probably think of lots of things you could throw back at her to deflect the blame from yourself, but we can guarantee that this is a bad idea.

Swallow your pride and apologise. Even if you don’t completely agree that you’re in the wrong, a sincere apology will go a long way. If you’re stubborn and refuse, the nastiness or awkwardness will be dragged out a lot longer and make things uncomfortable for both of you. Don’t do it straight away otherwise she will suss that you’re only doing it to avoid confrontation. Take a few hours so that she will think that you’ve thought things over and really mean it. However don’t leave it too long – this could get you into even deeper water.

It might sound cliché, but sending flowers goes a long way. Try to not only send flowers when you’re in the dog house; do it spontaneously too, just to let her know that you love her. This will always score you points! You could also try romantic gestures like cooking her a candlelit dinner at home, buying her a gift or a card asking for her forgiveness. Give her time to think it over, and keep up your good behaviour until you’re certain you’re out the dog house!