Picking Up Hot Women

London is a hot bed for hot women. With a population of over 7.5 million, you’ll never be short of gorgeous girls in this town. However, they aren’t always easy to find! There’s nothing worse than being in a nightclub full of other men; not only do you have less women to choose from, but there are also more guys to compete with. What you really need is a bar or club that’s teeming with ladies – that way, they’ll be chasing after you! Minimum effort, maximum success.

The best way to find bars and clubs like this is to research the ones who let girls in for free before 11.00pm. It does seem unfair that men have to pay £20 entry while ladies just waltz on in, but the venues know that where women are, men will come.

One example is Volstead in Piccadilly Circus. We went there on a Saturday evening, and the ratio of girls to guys was definitely in our favour! It’s obvious which ones are on the prowl, as they stalk around the bar, always checking around to see who is eyeing them up. As soon as you get the signal (which happens about every five minutes due to the volume of single women), you know that you’ve been given the green light to approach them. Take your time to cruise the room – with so much choice, you can actually afford to be picky.

Other examples of high end nightclubs that are teeming with girls are Cafe de Paris (also in Piccadilly), Kensington Roof Gardens (ideal for summer flirting), Punk, Embassy and Mahiki. Most of these types of clubs tend to be in West London, W1 or W2. If you aim for the Mayfair area, you’re bound to find what you are looking for.

Places to avoid if you’re hoping to meet women is anywhere broadcasting sport, run down pubs (despite their charm) and places with large gay populations such as Soho and Shoreditch. Of course there are still women in these places, but not in the same density. You’ll be back to fighting for her attention!

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