How To Break the Ice

There are several situations in life where it’s necessary (or at least preferable) to break the ice. There could be awkward or nerve racking moments when you start a new job and meet your boss, when you’re meeting a girlfriend’s parents or when you’re left alone with an acquaintance. However, most men will agree that the single most nerve racking situation is when you first meet a gorgeous girl, whether it be a stranger in a bar or one of our £110 escorts on a date. You’re desperate to break the ice sooner rather than later so that the fun can begin!

Before the conversation starts, make sure your appearance and body language is in check. Check that your flies aren’t undone, you don’t have any food on your face or toothpaste down your shirt. If all seems to be in order, you’re ready to approach her. Relax so that you don’t seem tense; if she can see that your muscles are visibly taut, she’ll either think you’re constipated or you’re a weirdo. It’s a good idea to have something in your hand such as a drink; this will stop you fiddling with your hands too much.

Walk up to her with a smile, and make eye contact without staring too much. If she’s one of our escorts, she’ll already know who you are and will do a great job of putting you at ease. These girls are used to men being intimidated by their good looks, so they’ll often start up a conversation to relax you. If it’s a stranger, you’ll need to pique her interest if you want a chance with her.

Don’t be too serious. The best way to break the ice is with humour; avoid anything too crude or shocking – opt for a line that is harmless and likely to raise a smile. This line should be delivered with a cheeky smile and a gleam in your eye, otherwise she might just thing you’re being sleazy or arrogant. Most women can’t resist a good sense of humour so this is the key.

If she’s with girlfriends, talk to them too. It will look rude to ignore them, and she might take offense on their behalf. If you’ve been talking to her for a couple of minutes and are drawing a blank, give up and move on. If she turns her body towards you, laughs, flicks her hair or strikes up a conversation, you’re in there; ice break successful, on to phase two!