How to Have a Cheap Winter Date

There’s no denying that living in London is expensive. Eating out, travelling, paying the bills, buying a round in the pub… it all adds up and can leave many of us short at the end of the month. This can make life difficult when you’re trying to woo a new lady; you want to impress her, but you keep tripping over financial hurdles. There are some ways you can have a great date for a small amount of money: you just need to use your imagination.

Most people enjoy going to the cinema, but the price for two people to watch a film in the city, plus drinks and popcorn, leaves you out of pocket. It is also quite impersonal, giving you no chance to chat or canoodle if the mood takes you! Instead, clean up your apartment, buy some microwave popcorn and rent a few films; you can create your very own movie night. Invite the object of your affection to come over for the evening, making sure that you have some drinks in to offer her. It’s a good idea to have a selection of films if you don’t know her tastes; maybe a romance, a comedy, a thriller and a horror. If she gets too scared, guess who’ll be there to comfort her! Make it extra warm and comfy with cushions and blankets that you can snuggle under.

There are many traditional English pubs dotted around London, which create a cosy atmosphere in the winter months. You can find great food here for bargain prices; sometimes as little as £5.00 for a decent sized main course. Instead of blowing the bucks on a fancy, modern restaurant, take your date for a pub meal (but avoid large budget chains like Wetherspoons). Independent venues will not look cheap, but will save on the pennies. It also gives you the chance to hang around for the rest of the evening if things are going well; there’s no pressure to vacate your table after your plates have been cleared away.

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