How to Make the Ultimate First Impression

A date, for either gender, offers the people involved a chance to reach the apogee of their appearance. There are few other opportunities to decide weeks ahead what you will wear, to spend hours in the bathroom prior to the event making yourself smell nice, and feel justified in doing so.

Whether we like it or not, there is a lot riding on first impressions. You make huge judgements of character within seconds of seeing someone, often you have their entire character sussed by the time they open their mouths. So it seems all the more justifiable that when you are meeting a girl for a date, to put maximum effort into your appearance so that you can be sure their first impression of you is good. You might have met the girl before, but a date environment is a strange one, and acts almost as a reset button for impressions already made, and many first impressions are remade on dates.

But this task is often far more difficult than it seems. Do you go all out, or will that make you seem like the kind of guy who tries too hard? Do you play it reserved, and dress down slightly? As it becomes more and more acceptable for men to put copious amounts of time, thought and effort into their appearance, altering your physical appearance becomes all the more confusing.

The best way to ensure a good first impression is to consider what you know about the girl you’re meeting already. If she is a highly successful business woman, you will probably want to look as smart as possible, slather yourself in expensive cologne and make sure you display your most expensive watch at every opportunity. However, should she be some environmental activist living in a squat, donning the above attire might do more harm and good to her impression of you.

While first and the few post-first impressions are very useful and important, they are also hugely out of our control, whatever we like to think. Everything we do to alter our appearance, everything we say is in someway designed to alter others’ opinions of us. And no matter how much we try to control these things, our true natures are often easily detected through our quirks and preferences we’re probably not even aware we do. It’s a confusing business, but hiring one of our Camden Escorts is a really good way to enjoy the company of a gorgeous woman while forgetting about impressing and first impressions and such.