How Not to Dump Someone

This applies to both guys and girls. Your relationship has fizzled out and you don’t want to be with your partner any more. You may have heard the song ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’, but in reality a messy break up can lead to problems afterwards and make the situation harder for everyone involved. It’s best to keep things amicable if you can, and avoid any psychotic episodes from ex lovers!

First of all, choose a good time to do the deed. It’s best when they’re at home without any immediate plans; just before a big night out or while they’re at work is a bad idea. You need to prepare yourself for tears and tantrums, and they will need time to let the news sink in. The best place is at their house so you can leave when the time is right, and they will be surrounded by their own comforts. They might want to be alone or want friends around them, but try to arrange it so they don’t need to go out in public to make it the easiest.

Although it may seem like the easy option, don’t chicken out and do it by text or email. It’s respectful to do it to their face, and if that really isn’t possible due to something like distance, do it over the phone. They’ll probably have a lot of questions to ask, and you owe it to them to explain your reasons for the break up. Now is not the time to start listing their flaws; let them down gently. Even if their habits drive you crazy, put that aside and focus on reasons why it wouldn’t work for both of you.

If you have done something that you feel guilty about such as cheating on them, it’s not the best time to discuss it as you’re breaking up. Although this may be the reason that you’ve decided to end it, it will already be hard enough for your partner to take in without causing the extra hurt by revealing this. However, if your partner already suspects foul play and questions you about it, don’t insult their intelligence by lying about it. Tell the truth at this point, unless the subject is not brought up.

Even if you haven’t been going out for very long, try not to be nonchalant or dismissive. You don’t know how much your partner felt for you, so be sensitive and apologetic. It’s always worse to be on the receiving end! If you find yourself on that end and need cheering up, an evening with a London escort works every time.