How to Rile Your Woman

Women are complicated creatures. The slightest little thing can upset them, so you really have to watch what you say if you want to keep them happy. It’s impossible to say exactly what they want to hear because every girl is different, but there are a few things that you should NEVER say to your partner – and that goes universally! We asked our Brazilian Escorts (some of the most open minded girls you’ll meet) what the worst things a man can say are. If you value your balls, we’d recommend avoiding the following!

“Are you sure you should be eating that?” Commenting on a woman’s diet is not ok. She will immediately interpret that as a dig about her weight, making her feel insecure and annoyed that you’ve said anything. Even if she has gained a few pounds lately, leave it to the mirror or her mother to point it out. There’s no way of phrasing it that won’t cause upset, so you’re better off pretending that you haven’t noticed and letting her eat her chocolate eclair in peace.

“That’s not how my ex did it.” Even if you meant this as a compliment, comparing your current squeeze to your ex is risky business. It will open a can of worms that are really better locked away; women will take this comment as a criticism, and in their mind, petty thoughts may form such as ‘if she’s so much better than me, you can go back to her’. Of course women know that they all do things differently and have strengths in different areas, but let her go on believing that your ex was a mean, ugly old hag and you’ll both be happier.

“No, I never want to get married/have kids.” This might be true, or you could be too young to have even thought about settling down. Even if this is the case, saying it to your girlfriend will put questions in her mind about whether she should be ‘wasting’ any more time with you if it’s not going to go anywhere. She probably isn’t ready for marriage or kids either, but most women see it as a part of their future and need at least a chance to consider having a relationship with you.

“Is it time of the month again?” Yes, it probably is – but don’t ever ask that! Girls have mood swings and will sometimes snap unnecessarily; however, they put up with all of our habits so the least we can do is let this slide. Asking a girl if she’s on her period will get you in huge trouble – it’s just not worth it!