Keep Her Interested

You’ve got to the point where you’ve bagged that girl you’d had your eye on; you’ve been on a date or two and things seem to be going great. She’s more than a one night stand and you’d love her to be yours, but how do you make the spark last and keep her interested? There are a few things you can do that might surprise you, because you have to remember that what a woman says she wants isn’t necessarily what she needs! We asked some of our Tandridge escorts for an honest opinion about things they look for in a long term boyfriend.

First of all, don’t be too easy. Everyone loves the thrill of the chase, male or female. The more of a challenge it is to get you, the harder they will try to get you! Even if you’re really keen, you can’t let her know right from the beginning; you don’t necessarily need to play hard to get, but not being available all the time and not being at her beck and call will make the initial excitement and lust last much longer. This can require a great deal of will power, but it will pay off.

Have you ever noticed how nice guys often don’t end up with the girl? You don’t need to treat her too mean, but a little bit will be enough to keep her keen. Don’t say ‘yes’ to everything just to keep her happy; be a little bit stubborn about the things you want to do. Ultimately, she’ll respect you for having your own opinion rather than just being a people pleaser. A man who’s wrapped around her little finger might be fun for a while, but eventually she would lose interest. Don’t let her change you too much; if there are too many things that she doesn’t like, then you probably shouldn’t be together anyway. She wants a strong man who can stand up for himself, even if she complains about some of the things you do.

You might think that you have to go overboard with the romance to get her attention, but small gestures are more effective in the long run. A massive bouquet of flowers or a weekend away will woo her in the first place, but these kinds of gestures are not sustainable unless you’re a millionaire. If you’ve never done things like that before and suddenly start now, she’ll just think that you feel guilty about something! Instead, do chivalrous things like holding doors open for her, walking on the outside of the pavement and leaving her little love notes.