Keeping Sex ‘No Strings Attached’

Men love to have ‘no strings attached’ sex. It’s having all the great things about being with a woman, without the hassle of being in a relationship! Married men often long for the days before they were bogged down with responsibilities and emotions, and bachelors are reluctant to give up their enviable lifestyle! If you’ve managed to find a gorgeous girl who is willing to have casual sex with you, we congratulate you.

Many gentlemen prefer to control the amount of time they spend with the ladies by hiring busty London escorts; this way, when the girl leaves and closes the door, there’s little chance of any emotional attachment. The risk begins when you start seeing a female friend or neighbour on a regular basis; if you have sex with them more than once a week, women can often start to develop feelings for you and start longing for something more. There are some signs you should look out for – she might tell you that she’s happy with a casual, no strings attached arrangement, but she may have other ideas that she’s not telling you!

If she feels a real affection for you, she may start calling you pet names. Look out for anything mushy, such as “honey bun” or “cuddly bear”. Don’t freak out about any name as casual couples do use them without genuine affection, such as “babe” or “sugar”; this could be a purely sexual thing. And you can’t complain if she calls you ‘big boy’! It does become a problem if she starts referring to you as her boyfriend, either in private or public.

If you do see your ‘special buddy’ in public, see how she behaves around you. Public displays of affection such as kissing and holding hands means that she is warning other girls off you and marking her territory. Beware.

She might try moving in on your turf very gradually so that you barely notice. First she starts staying the night, then she might leave her toothbrush in your bathroom. If you notice this, take it back to hers playing the innocent, and give it back quite obviously. You need to set the boundaries and let her know, politely, what the ground rules are. It’s fair for both of you if you’re on the same page, both wanting the same things.

Some signs are more obvious than others; if she starts calling you every day, wanting to spend ‘quality time’ together and suggests introducing you to her parents, run for the hills! There are serious strings there.